Episode 3: Brooklin Smith

This week on The Be Your Elite Podcast we chat with multiple time Teen CrossFit Games Athlete Brooklin Smith. Brooklin in the one of the brightest individuals that we have had the pleasure of speaking with, the amazing part is that she is only 16 years old. She talks about her experiences as a CrossFit Games Athlete and most recent accomplishments the Seal Fit 20x. Apart from all that her drive to explore, push, and grow her mindfulness around all aspects fo her life is something that definitely makes us question our own process in to which we challenge our own [...]

Episode 2: James Fitzgerald

This week on The Be Your Elite Podcast we chat with James Fitzgerald founder of OPEX Fitness. James is well known in changing the ideas and constructs around what a professional fitness coach is through the organization and methodology created through OPEX fitness. In this podcast James steps away from the normal conversation about what it means to be a coach and what "fitness" means to OPEX, we had an opportunity to peel back some of the layers and get a little deeper about who James is as a human being. About James The guy that paints the picture, James is the founder [...]

Episode 1: Cody Loeffler

This week on The Be Your Elite Podcast we chat with Cody Loeffler from OPEX Upper Mainline. Cody opens up about his journey and the transition from college athlete to the high school English teacher to CrossFit games and NPGL athlete to gym ownership. Cody gives insight into choosing the wrong career path for him and his true purpose and how he created opportunities around those decisions to shape who he is today. 5x Crossfit Games Regional Competitor 2x Crossfit Games Team Competitor (2013 & 2014) National Professional Grid League-Phoenix Rise Athlete (2014 & 2015) Susquehanna University Class of 2009 Founder OPEX Upper Mainline [...]