Episode 4: Max Hall

This week on The Be Your Elite Podcast we chat with former Heisman Trophy Candidate and former Arizona Cardinal Starting Quarterback Max Hall. Max’s journey takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself addicted to drugs and how he began to sacrifice everything for his next high, this all comes to a crossroads when he’s finally arrested and had to face the reality of what his life had become. This episode hits very close to home since Max is Dave’s cousin and this is the first time that he has been able to hear the story of Max’s journey into the NFL and the struggle with becoming addicted to drugs through unforeseen circumstances associated with that path. We were also very blessed for Max’s wife Mckinzi to walk in halfway through there podcast and jump into the conversation to share her side of the story and where they had to come together at that crossroads to continue to fight for the life that they had created together. Their strength throughout this entire story is something that we will forever be grateful for to witness and how much inspiration we took out of their journey thus far through life.

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